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All Seasons Window Cleaning use the latest window cleaning techniques to ensure we're working safely, your property is protected and your liability is reduced. Pure water window cleaning techniques is used on every clean.

Ladderless Window Cleaning

Health and safety regulations regard working from ladders to be unsafe - a fact backed up by the number of window cleaners injured or killed falling from ladders each year. As a home or business owner you are legally liable for a window cleaner working on your property.

We use 'high reach pole system' ladderless window cleaning equipment - using telescopic poles to clean windows from the safety of the ground. We like it because we're safer, and our customers like it because they have less legal liability.

As we do not use ladders there is no damage to lawns, flower beds and borders, brickwork or window sills. It also means we can wash those hard-to-reach windows and conservatory roofs, with no risk of damage. Apart from leaving your windows with a long-lasting spotless and streak-free finish, you will never know we have visited.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Tap water may look clean, but it contains a lot of dissolved chemicals and minerals, inevitably leaving a white residue on the glass. We use purified water for cleaning windows, where all impurities are removed.

By virtue of the nature of water it does not like being ‘pure’ and it strives to return to its ‘impure’ state; therefore it actually absorbs dirt particles from the glass, aiding the cleaning process. Due to the impurities being removed you do not need to squeegee the windows, simply rinsing the glass after brushing leaves an excellent streak free finish.  As we do not use any harsh cleaning detergents it saves money and is better for the environment.

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